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on policy, law, data, and lived experiences of women in the region


for the dignity, rights & fair livelihoods of
women workers 



that realise her  potential,

through skills training, & entrepreneurship support. 


Dahlak is a social enterprise focusing on research, advocacy and livelihoods.


We began as a public interest media organisation, using documentary film to bring voice to rural and marginalised communities in South Africa.

Related advocacy work led us to the incredible women with whom  we co-founded  Izwi Domestic Workers Alliance.

 In close collaboration with Izwi and other partners, Dahlak's focus has evolved to spotlight the experiences  of women workers in the Southern Africa region, and engage with them on research, advocacy projects, and possibilities for enhanced livelihoods.

We believe that focused, high quality  research is a powerful tool  to magnify the voices and perspectives  of communities,

define advocacy areas, and inform policy change.



Dahlak Africa has researched, written and/or contributed to the following publications,

“As domestic workers, we are present in [government] documents, but no one speaks for us.  Now we have formed a group to speak out together. 

We won’t be invisible anymore.” 

-- Florence Sekolane


Izwi is a network of domestic workers in Johannesburg, established in 2018 and incubated under Dahlak Africa. Izwi envisions a society where domestic workers are treated with respect, equality and professionalism.

Izwi assists workers to know and enforce their labour rights, build support networks, and access opportunities. Izwi has a federated leadership structure, and members organized around 10 neighborhood groups around Johannesburg.

Izwi is now a legally independent non-profit organisation. However, Dahlak remains a core partner, providing Izwi with support in strategic planning, fundraising, and operations oversight. We collaborate extensively on advocacy, research, and livelihood projects. 

Izwi's membership, ethos, and possibility continue to inform and shape our work at Dahlak. 

For more information, check out Izwi's website.



Dahlak began as a documentary media organisation to bring voice to rural and marginalised communities in South Africa.

Our initial media efforts shared the stories of land reform communities, informal street vendors, outsourced university workers, and residents of hijacked buildings. We also hosted monthly dialogues on social issues.


Further advocacy efforts have followed around workers' rights, including minimum wage parity and access to social protections.

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Johannesburg, South Africa
Dahlak Africa, NPC
Reg # 2013/105408/08

Dahlak Co, Pty Ltd
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